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Planning your walking holiday: Travel Insurance for Walkers, Hikers, Trekkers and Mountaineers

Travel insurance is one of your absolute ‘must-have’ items when planning your walking holiday in Europe.

It provides that vital ‘safety-net’: you know you are covered for all eventualities, from plane cancellations through to loss and theft of your passport or personal items.  And while your trip is highly unlikely to involve any mishaps, the last thing you would want is to be stranded abroad without any medical cover.

Also, if you’re going to be including some challenging walking or extreme sports on your trip, then you need to make sure you have the right kind of travel insurance policy, as many of the standard ones do not include cover for skiing, kayaking and mountaineering.

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Travel insurance advice
Whether you choose a single trip, multi-trip or annual policy, be absolutely sure that you choose one which covers hiking, and you would be wise to consider a travel insurance with sports policy. They usually don’t cost much more, but you will have peace of mind that you are covered for every eventuality. You might not be planning to go snowboarding as part of your trip, but who knows, perhaps you will be tempted once you actually arrive in the Alps? Or you might not normally enjoy watersports yet be lured by the majesty of the sparkling Swiss lakes once there? These walking areas of Europe are meccas for adventure sports, so if in doubt, just opt for the most comprehensive policy before you set off. It will be much more hassle trying to change it while you are abroad.

The following is a guide of what your travel insurance policy should cover, with the minimum levels. This is by no means definitive but should provide a basic check-list for you as your research your travel insurance options:

  • Cancellation and curtailment £5,000
  • Medical, Rescue, Recovery and Repatriation expenses £5,000,000
  • Personal Liability £2,000,000
  • Personal Accident £10,000
  • Legal Expenses £15,000
  • Loss of money and documents £400
  • Travel delay £500
  • Delayed Baggage £150
  • Personal belongings and baggage £1,500
  • Missed departure £500
  • Skiing and extreme sports – £1,000,000