Walking Germany

Germany: find the best regions for walking in Germany, walking in Bavaria and walking in the Bavarian Alps. Explore Germany's Black Forest, the Rhineland and so much more...

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Very few places in Europe can rival Germany’s levels of natural diversity. From the classic alpine scenery and sweeping panoramas of the Allgäu Alps to the mystical Black Forest to the fairytale castles of the romantic Rhine Valley, walkers really are spoiled for choice, with every region boasting its own unique characteristics and customs. There’s the Mosel Valley, with its curiously steep vineyards, the Bavarian Alps where traditional folk music and dance live on and Saxon Switzerland with its rocky outcrops – to name but a few examples. What each area does have in common, however, is how well walkers are catered for, with an excellent range of hiking trails to suit every fitness and ability level and some wonderfully authentic accommodation options.

When exploring the rural delights of Germany, you are likely to encounter a number of idyllic villages, where time seems to almost stand still, such as Sasbachwalden in the Black Forest, with its traditional half-timber houses and carpets of flowers. And let’s not forget the joy of eating and drinking in Germany. You are rarely too far from somewhere to enjoy some local hearty cuisine – or a chilled glass of fine, local Riesling or one of Germany’s famous beers.

In addition to the walking trails, there are several fascinating German cities, such as Munich, Berlin, Dresden and Hamburg, which offer a blend of historic grandeur and cosmopolitan delights, and can provide an interesting detour or break from your hiking adventures, giving you a different perspective on this vast and alluring country.

The Black Forest

Germany is a land blessed with so much natural beauty and historical and cultural interest, but those who are fortunate enough to encounter the Black Forest area will experience an altogether different blend of magic and wonder.


Bavaria – The Bavarian Alps

Although walking and hiking is probably the focus of your holiday, it will be impossible to ignore the many cultural treasures and historical sights of this stunningly beautiful Bavaria Alpine region.


Rhine Valley & Mosel Valley

The fairytale Romantic Rhine with its vine-clad slopes, Rapunzel-like castles and cute half-timbered villages and the beautiful Mosel Valley, with wonderful walks, a mild climate and welcoming locals, are the cornerstones of this enchanting region.


The Allgau (The Allgäu Alps)

A naturally rich and fertile land of rugged Alpine peaks, babbling brooks and lush forests: this is the romantic setting for the world’s most famous castle – and the inspiration for the iconic Disney citadel - Schloss Neuschwanstein.


Bavaria – The Bavarian Forest

Thoughts of Bavaria conjure up images of Lederhosen, fairytale castles and Alpine peaks. However, the Bavarian Forest, an area rich with culture and traditions, could not be more different.


Saxon Switzerland & National Park

Saxon Switzerland, home to some of Germany’s most captivating scenery, is located an hour’s drive from Dresden, close to the Czech border. Pack up your walking boots and be ready to discover the most fascinating mountain range in Central Europe.